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Enjoying Flare Martello Outdoor Fireplace with friends and family
Wood burning on a Flare Martello Outdoor fireplace
Cooking pizza on a Flare Martello Outdoor Fireplace
Flare Martello outdoor fire with cooking accessories

Martello with Rotating Base & Cooking Package

The Martello is a COR-TEN portable outdoor fireplace, designed to bring the party to your back-yard.

The Martello can come with a rotating base so you can face the fire to the party and away from the wind. It comes with all the same cooking options as our masonry fires as well.

COR-TEN is a weathering steel which forms an adherent protective rust ‘patina’, that inhibits further corrosion.

Endless accessories can be added to meet your needs, such as a pizza oven, smoker, rotisserie and much more.

It’s unique design creates a vortex for optimal burning and to reduce smoke. Unlike a brazier, this fire won’t leave your clothes and hair smelling of smoke.


Flare Night Guard adds more safety to the Outdoor Fireplace
Flare Night Guard attached to the Outdoor Fireplace
Flare Night Guard is tightly secured to the Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Fireplace looks amazing with the Night Guard accessory

Night Guard

Welcome to the Night Guard. Like the rest of our stainless products this is a NZ made, high quality product designed to last.

The Night Guard is perfect for when you’ve had a good night in front of the outdoor fireplace but people want to retire inside for the night. You can place the Night Guard in front of the fire and relax knowing nothing is going to fall out.

Those sitting in front of the outdoor fireplace will notice a reduction in heat, so it is best kept for the end of the night when people are done and are heading inside.

The Night Guard hangs off either the standard cooking frame or the Log Guard, so one or the other of these accessories is needed as well.

If you have any questions just contact the team.

This Chimney Extension Stainless Steel (500mm) is a great way to extend your Flare Outdoor Fire Chimney


This is a great way to extend your Flare Fire Chimney and benefit from the included rain cap.

It can be retro-fitted to your Flare Fire post install using the included bolts and when you order online we will send you the extension and bolts. Installation will require you to drill the required holes to the top of your Flare Fire Chimney.