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Flare Log Guard attached to the Outdoor Fireplace
Flare Log Guard is a very useful accessory for the Outdoor Fireplace
Flare Log Guard looks great and protects logs inside the Outdoor Fireplace
Flare Log Guard is tightly secured to the Outdoor Fireplace
Flare Log Guard is tightly secured to the Outdoor Fireplace

Log Guard

The Log Guard is perfect for when you’re not using a cooking frame. It site in place and prevents log roll-out.

It can be used in conjunction with the Night Guard, but can’t be used the same time as the cooking frame.

See this helpful video, showing how to use your log guard.

This large cooking frame with handles are handy for cooking on Outdoor fireplace.

LARGE COOKING FRAME (With Cooking Handles)

This is our main cooking frame and takes up the full width of the fire. You can drop a grill or plate straight onto it and get cooking. The grill or plate can slide along the cooking frame as needed. This cooking frame is needed for the smoker hood. The removable cooking handles are a handy multitool for easily lifting the cooking frame, plates and grills in and out of your fire. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.


Kubb Set

Owning a Flare Fire is all about making it your time. People gather around a fire, they also love outdoor games.

Kubb is a fun game for any back yard, lock-down or camping trip.

This quality set has been made for us by good friends of the business. They are currently on pre-order for September manufacture.

Order yours today.

Pizza Cooking Hood Kit is the best way to cook pizza on a Flare Outdoor Fireplace


This is the best way to cook pizza’s on a Flare Fire.

The pizza hood sits on top of the standard cooking frame and comes with a pizza stone and crisper. If you haven’s already got them you will also need a pizza peel and ember poker.

Stainless Steel Chimney Cap helps reduce rain water entering Flare Outdoor Fire Chimney.


This is a great way to reduce rain water and debris from entering your chimney.

It can be retro-fitted to your Flare Fire post install using the included bolts and when you order online we will send you the chimney cap and bolts. Installation will require you to drill the required holes to the top of your Flare Fire chimney.