The Premier is our most popular model, featuring two woodboxes and the ideal height to cook and entertain with style


The Premier is our most popular model, featuring two woodboxes and the ideal height to cook and entertain with style

Features & Pricing

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The Premier model is our most popular outdoor fireplace. Its size and pricing makes it suitable for many homes and budgets.

The Premier features two wood storage boxes and a cooking height the same as your kitchen, making it ideal not just for the ambience it creates but also for cooking and entertaining with style.

For dimensions and installation, download the brochure below.


Each of our masonry outdoor fireplaces come as a natural precast product. They look good natural, however other finishes can be applied such as plaster, schist and stone to create the desired look for your property.

The tops and fronts of the wood boxes can be polished to create a beautiful contrast and easy to clean food preparation surface.

Endless accessories can be added to meet your needs, such as spark arrestors, pizza ovens, chimney extensions, smokers and much more.


The Premier Outdoor Fireplace in USA is $7,900 (excluding taxes).

Additional costs, which we can discuss with you, may include delivery, installation and whatever accessories and polish options you want to add to your outdoor fireplace.

We sell direct to save you money and we invite you to contact us below to discuss the best options for your budget.

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Delivery & Install

When you purchase your Flare outdoor fireplace, it can be delivered anywhere across the USA where there’s a forklift to unload it.

You can install the outdoor fireplace yourself, following our installation instructions or get a builder / handyman to do it for you.

Once your Flare outdoor fireplace is installed it’s ready to go with no hidden costs.

Our masonry outdoor fireplaces come with a lifetime limited warranty, once cured, your Flare Fire is designed to last a lifetime.

Accessories can be added at any time to extend the height of your chimney, arrest sparks or transform your outdoor fireplace into an outdoor oven.

your finish

All Flare Fires are supplied as a natural precast outdoor fireplace that can be finished to suit your outdoor entertaining area. They can be left natural or you can plaster, stone or schist your outdoor fireplace.