Flare Outdoor Fireplaces are designed to entertain

Flare Outdoor Fireplaces bring outdoor spaces and entertaining to life. They extend summer and provide the perfect place to gather. The fire and cooking accessories below enable you to extend your chimney, capture sparks and entertain with style.


These heat resistant gloves make it easy to move wood around, take out hot plates and other cooking accessories. If you are a regular cook on a Flare Fire, you…
AUD 40.00

MEATER Plus Probe This is one of our favourite cooking accessories. Whether you’re cooking a roast or smoking up a storm, this is a must. using the Meater Plus allows you to…
AUD 279.00


This is one of our favourite cooking accessories. Whether you’re cooking a steak or a roast, having a good feel for the temp inside your fire is real handy. These…
AUD 65.00


Probably the most important cooking accessory, the ember poker is specifically designed to rake coal’s and shift wood as necessary to optimise your cooking experience.
AUD 65.00


Our standard cooking grill is 485 deep x 400 wide, perfect for the swing frame and you can also fit two of these on the standard cooking frame.  
AUD 50.00


Ceramic pizza stone for use with our pizza hood. Place the stone onto a grill or plate, then place the hood kit onto the cooking frame.
AUD 25.00


The battery powered rotisserie allows for many, many hours of cooking. It sits on our standard cooking frame and can slide along the frame to be positioned as necessary. It…
AUD 260.00


The pizza peel is a key element in lifting your pizza into and out of the pizza hood. Made of quality stainless steel the pizza peel is an attractive and…
AUD 100.00


The swing frame is a great way to cook. It allows easy access to turn over food without getting to close to the flames. In addition, there are two height…
AUD 355.00