NZ’s Number 1 Outdoor Fireplace — now in Canada

Flare Outdoor Fires has been Number 1 since 2001 — making the finest, longest lasting and most luxurious outdoor fireplaces available. We’ve been in Canada since 2020, first from a warehouse, now with our own outdoor fireplace factory.

Elevate your outdoor living space

Flare’s quality outdoor fireplaces are a centrepiece. Their beauty and ambience create luxurious spaces that are a statement and a place to relax. Our world-class team can help you create the space you desire and our fireplaces, built on decades of fireplace design, will transform your home.

Dressed to impress

There are things that a Flare Fires does that no other outdoor fireplace in the world comes close to. This innovation exists to entertain, to keep bringing you back to the fire and to surprise your guests. Get ready to be impressed.

“The best company we have ever dealt with”

“Just want to say, without any doubt, you are the best and easiest company we have ever dealt with. Everything was so well planned and your installer, wow, what an asset to your company!”
Iona Gillat – 2022

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Our masonry outdoor fireplaces come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Our unique solid concrete outdoor fireplaces stand the test of time and they can be plastered and painted to keep them looking great.

We don’t sell in stores — so we can deliver a lifetime of service. It also keeps the price down for our customers, which is why we also don’t do any expensive advertising.

Instead, we’ll deliver a beautiful looking outdoor fireplace that lasts and some of the best service you’ve ever experienced.

‘There’s a cult club of fans who love their Flare Outdoor Fireplace’

Al Brown: Chef, TV presenter, writer and owner of Depot Eatery, Federal Delicatessen, Old Yella Mustard

Enjoy the romance of pizza cooked in a wood fired pizza oven

Cook pizza — and stay warm!

Almost nothing beats pizza touched by smoke and flame. The problem is, most people will stay inside, keeping warm, while you’re outside doing the cooking.

However, adding a pizza hood to your Flare Outdoor Fire makes cooking wood fired pizza a pleasure for the entire family. The kids can cook or prepare the pizza while everyone gathers around the heat.

Wood-fired pizza is meant to be cooked this way — otherwise it wouldn’t be romantic.

How to turn your outdoor fireplace into a wood fired pizza oven

We have an entire page dedicated to everything wood-fired pizza, videos, tips and tricks and the best advice. if you are looking to add a bit of family time around your fire, this might be the best way!

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