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make it your time


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Make it your time

Outdoor fireplaces are about bringing outdoor spaces and entertaining to life. They’re about making time in the best ways possible, with good food, great yarns, family and friends.

We call this making it your time, and it’s what we’re all about.

Designed to Entertain

With a Flare Outdoor Fireplace you can cook pizza, smoke a brisket, rotisserie a roast, or you could just sit in front of it with your favourite drink.

Whatever you need, a Flare Outdoor Fireplace lives as an attractive centerpiece of your home.


Flare Outdoor Fireplaces are modular by design, making for quick and easy installation. It also means a Flare Outdoor Fireplace can be configured to suit your space.

Flare created its first modular outdoor fireplace nearly twenty years ago. Whether you want an outdoor fireplace in New Zealand, Australia or Canada, Flare Fires innovative, quality outdoor fireplaces are available near you.


Find out everything you need to know about Flare Outdoor Fireplaces, we are also just a phone call or email away, contact us here.

The best addition
to any space!

Sandy Watkins 2020

Since the beginning of time…

Fire has provided warmth, ambience, food and survival. Fire has kept us warm and brought light to our homes. Whilst we have predominantly replaced fire with technologies designed to give us more time, there’s nothing quite like an outdoor fireplace to really slow time down and create space for family, friends and fun.

The Australian’s call it the bush TV, others refer to it as the caveman’s Netflix. Have a look around and see if you can add a bit more time back into your outdoor space.


Our inspiration page is full of video’s, guide’s, tips and tricks. This is a place to visit for awhile and do some research. Enjoy and yell out if you have any questions.

Comprehensive Guide

See our complete guide to outdoor fireplaces, including considerations around gas v wood, your space and entertaining goals.

your time