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How We Brought Modular Outdoor Fireplaces to Canada

An old friend of ours made his home in New Zealand, close to Flare’s CEO, Mike Edwards. We happened to connect, because our friend had no idea how to use a computer – so he asked Mike’s wife Julie to email us some info.

We never stopped emailing.

For seven years we kept in touch, until one day we finally decided to make the trip to see our Kiwi friends.

The Edwards family were nice – but their outdoor fireplaces were even nicer :). You can see their story here.

After much thinking and planning we secured the rights to start up Flare Fires Canada, launching just before Covid hit in March of 2020.

outdoor fireplace factory canada

We started manufacturing Flare’s outdoor fireplaces in Canada during the summer of 2021 – then expanded our operations by converting an unused school, Weddwood Public.

Webbwood, Ontario, Canada remains the home of Flare Fires Canada – modular outdoor fireplaces – designed to entertain.

Making Flare outdoor fires is a family affair. It’s that way for our kiwi friends and it’s also working well for us here in Canada.

Come and check out our show room – or reach out on our website to find out more.

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