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Find our popular outdoor fireplace models below – call us anytime to better understand the options, or explore the outdoor fireplace options for Canada on this website.

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Progressing with an order for an outdoor fireplace in Canada is very simple. We send you a quote – then, when you’re ready, you pay a $500 deposit (fully refundable) to secure a space in our production que.


Big spaces need a big outdoor fireplace and it’s hard to find anything more impressive than the Senator Outdoor Fireplace. The fireplace sits up high — for cooking — and to radiate the heat across big outdoor spaces.

The three woodboxes provides enough wood storage to entertain for days. Like the other models you can choose the straight shouldered Boston or the curves of the Tuscany. See Senator Outdoor Fireplace ideas here.


Many choose the Executive Outdoor Fireplace because it throws the heat out low. It’s also quite likely the best looking outdoor fireplace ever made and fills big spaces with a beauty and functionality that has yet to be matched.

The Executive configuration has a woodbox either side of the firebox. Sit and relax, or fill your evening with the art and aroma of wood fired pizza. See the Executive Outdoor Fireplace.

A great evening for the Family enjoying the Flare Executive fire.


The Prestige has all the desireability of the Executive Outdoor Fireplace – in a small package. The Prestige is our newest outdoor fireplace model, featuring two unique half-sized woodboxes sitting astride a full sized firebox.

The Prestige delivers all the heat, with no sacrifice — if you want a low down fireplace that looks spectacular, and fits your space — this might be the best outdoor fireplace idea for you. Check it out.


The Premier is the first outdoor fireplace model we designed. It’s still our most popular model. Each Flare Outdoor Fireplace has a modular design with the Premier configuration having two woodboxes for storage.

The firebox can be supplied in the straight shouldered (Boston) shape, or the curved (Tuscany) shape. Find out more about delivery and installation and to get outdoor fireplace ideas for your place.


If space or budget is tight — the Deluxe delivers the design, wood fired cooking, and quality of Flare’s other outdoor fireplace models — but with a single woodbox.

The full sized firebox is at the perfect height for cooking, filling big spaces with tremendous warmth thanks to the masonary design common to Flare Outdoor Fires. The Deluxe pumps the heat and consumes evenings with fun, family and food. Find inspiration here.


Is there anything more fun then filling your home with young people — whilst the Martello Outdoor Fireplace isn’t exclusively for youth — it’s price and portability position is ideally for baches and beaches and places for people to play.

Cook wood fired pizza or use it as an outdoor oven, or add the rotating bases to step up the fun. Check out the rotating Martello Outdoor Fireplace.