Our people


Jonathan Hook

Jonathan works along side his wife Tenasha at their new facility in Jordan, Minnesota. His experience and talent for management is a perfect fit for bringing Flare Fires to the USA! Jonathan oversees the finishing touches of every fire place before it goes out the door. He is also your “go-to-guy” for installation instructions and operation information.

Tenasha Hook

Tenasha is our US Partner looking forward to adding Flare Fires to all her client’s yards. Tenasha loves the outdoors and designing landscapes that make an amazing outdoor oasis. As a Landscape Designer, she has the ability to implement designs and coordinate colors while keeping the functionality of client’s homes. She aims to show homeowners the hidden potential in their properties and adding a Flare Fire is the perfect focal point for these functional designs.


Katy Elliott

Katy takes care of the Canadian sales and customer services, and she definitely puts 150% into the service they provide to their customers. Katy, alongside her husband Matt, lead the team at Flare Fires Canada. See their story on the Our Story page.

Matt Elliott

Matt runs the production and manufacturing side of Flare Fires Canada. A little more behind the scenes on getting things done. With a great eye for detail, he prides himself on creating great quality outdoor fireplaces while also following the outdoors fireplaces all the way to the end, including installation.

Kristen Elliott

Kristen is in charge of running the office. She is the friendly voice at the end of the phone, mostly likely the one answering your calls as well as replying to your emails. Kristen will be the one checking you are okay, every step of the way.


Karen Mackie

Karen is the Financial Controller of Flare Fires. Karen also leads Flare’s sales team and organises all of Flare’s production and shipping. It is fair to say that none of us know how Karen get’s it all done!

Torrey Hilton

Torrey and his wife Sue founded Flare Fires in the 1990’s, in Wellington, New Zealand. See their story on the Our Story page. Sue and Torrey live a stone’s throw from the factory and are still actively involved in the business.

Mike Edwards

Mike is the General Manager of Flare Fires. With a background in marketing and leadership development Mike’s focus is to grow the business and its people.

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