Our people


Flare Fires Outdoor Fires production manager Conrad Wanoa
Conrad Wanoa

Conrad is Flare Fires Production Manager, he’s a great team leader and also happens to love selling our outdoor fireplaces and can often be found at shows and exhibits around New Zealand.

Karen Mackie is the Financial Controller of Flare Fires
Karen Mackie

Karen is the Financial Controller of Flare Fires. Karen also leads Flare’s sales team and organises all of Flare’s production and shipping. It is fair to say that none of us know how Karen get’s it all done!

Flare Outdoor fires sales guy - Sam Edwards
Sam Edwards

Sam is Flare’s main sales guy. He may look young, and indeed he is, but he’s spent his life in front of our outdoor fireplaces and loves helping customers. When you call or email Flare Fires, Sam will likely be the first person you speak to.

Torrey and his wife Sue founded Flare Fires in the 1990’s
Torrey Hilton

Torrey and his wife Sue founded Flare Fires in the 1990’s, in Wellington, New Zealand. See their story on the Our Story page. Sue and Torrey live a stone’s throw from the factory and are still actively involved in the business.

Mike Edwards is the General Manager of Flare Fires.
Mike Edwards

Mike is the CEO of Flare Fires. With a background in marketing and leadership development Mike’s focus is to grow the business and its people. Mike also runs a charity that operates Hāpai Whanau – which serves predominantly young mums and Leading Where It Matters, which is for dads, young and old.

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