Outdoor Pizza Oven

When Outdoor Fireplace Meets Outdoor Pizza Oven

Nothing draws people together quite like an outdoor fireplace, or Pizza!

When the two meet, perfection happens.

An Outdoor Pizza Oven combines the flavour of pizza touched by smoke and flame with the warmth and ambience of an outdoor fireplace. Suddenly the night transforms.

The Ultimate Outdoor Pizza Oven

There really is nothing quite like wood fired pizza. But then the same can be said of rotisserie leg of lamb over embers or reversed seared steak imbued with smoke. It’s all just so good.

The great thing with a Flare Fire is that it can be used just as an outdoor fireplace or quickly transformed into an outdoor oven and cook pretty much anything you can imagine.

Wood Fired Pizza

Use your Flare Fire as a outdoor pizza oven to create great tasting wood fired pizza in just moments.

Rotisserie Turkey

Add a rotisserie to your cooking options to cook this yummy seasonal Turkey.

Low & Slow Brisket

Turn your fire into a smoker, using your fireplace chimney like an outdoor oven.

Reverse Seared Steak

Smoke your steak, then BBQ it on the grill. The outdoor pizza oven enables a lot of cooking styles.

Dutch Oven Sausages

You can use a dutch oven or a South African Poike to create traditional dishes.

Lamb Shoulder

This is a really simple meal, using the rotisserie in the outdoor oven.

Our top 5 reasons to have an

Outdoor Pizza Oven

delivered free across New Zealand

We love a good wood fired pizza in New Zealand. We also enjoy spending time outside.

Flare Fires outdoor fireplaces are delivered free across New Zealand, to a location with a forklift. We can install the outdoor fireplace for you, or it can be installed by a builder or DIY style. Check out the install video’s to see just how easy it is.

it’s simple

Flare Fires are modular, making them very simple to install and suitable for every space. They can. be kept natural or painted and plastered to suit.