Outdoor Fireplaces

Signature Series

Flare’s Signature Series of outdoor fireplaces are iconic. Their architectural design, combined with exceptional cooking and entertaining functionally make them New Zealand’s Number 1 Outdoor Fireplace.

Flare’s Signature Series comes if 5 popular configurations:

  1. The Deluxe
  2. The Premier
  3. The Senator
  4. The Prestige
  5. The Executive

Each of the configurations, refers to how the firebox is positioned relative to the wood boxes. In each case the firebox remains the same size, whilst the footprint of the outdoor fireplace changes.

Each outdoor fireplace is made to order, and during the order process you can select the straight shouldered (Boston) firebox, or the curvey shouldered (Tuscany) firebox. Extra chimney’s, masonary modules and accessories can be added to create the perfect outdoor fireplace for your space.

The Martello

Flare’s Martello Outdoor Fireplace is a COR-TEN fireplace and cooking platform. As well as it’s striking design, it rotates so that you can manage the wind and turn the fire into the party.

As with all Flare’s outdoor fireplaces, all the cooking options fit. The most common cooking options in the Martello are the smoker and pizza hood.

Whilst Flare is most commonly known for it’s masonary outdoor fireplaces, we developed the Martello to suit those situations where a smaller more portable option is needed.

Because it’s portable, the Martello is popular in holiday homes and rental locations. Adding value and fun, on a budget.

See the Martello Outdoor Fireplace.

Flare Martello Outdoor Fireplace on a scenic backyard
Cooking pizza on a Flare Martello Outdoor Fireplace
Flare Martello outdoor fire with cooking accessories
Flare Martello Outdoor fireplace up close
Wood burning on a Flare Martello Outdoor fireplace

Elite Series

Flare’s Elite Series of outdoor fireplaces are big. We are unaware of anything bigger, here in New Zealand or overseas.

The Elite follows a similar design to the Signature Series, just on a bigger scale. Common to all Flare’s outdoor fireplaces is the ability to cook pizza,smoke, rotisserie, and much more — but with the Elite, you get to do it on a larger scale. Or just sit around it and relax.

Some choose the Elite because they want the best outdoor fireplace available — others, because you can cook on two pizza oven kits at once.The Elite can be used to entertain at weddings, corporate events and other occasions to facilitate community and connection.

Flare’s Elite Series comes in 2 configurations, see them here

Each Elite Outdoor Fireplace is made to order. Polish options can be added to your order, along with your desired outdoor fireplace accessories.