Outdoor Fireplace Inspiration

Transform Your Space

See these examples of how a Flare Fire can transform your outdoor space

Designed to fit
your surroundings

Your place, your view

We have designed our outdoor fireplaces to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any space.

Their modular design means they can be scaled to suit your setting.

New Zealand Innovation

Flare Fires outdoor fireplaces have been designed for NZ conditions. They are engineered to survive their earthquakes and handle their high wind locations.

On top of that they are full of kiwi innovation, including a 5-way cooking system, a chimney smoker and an unparalleled radiant heat.

Ontario, Canada

Transform Your Family Time

See a bunch of entertaining and cooking ideas on a Flare Fires outdoor fireplace

make it your time

Anything is

Your Setting

We believe an outdoor fireplace should enhance your environment, adding beauty and functionality to draw you into your outdoor setting.

Customised appearance

Like the fire pictured, people have chosen to plaster and paint their outdoor fireplaces to match their homes. Flare Outdoor Fires can also be built into the roofs of outdoor spaces, fully enclosed and covered in stone, or they can just be left natural.

Start Dreaming

If it’s time to start dreaming about your location, it’s time to reach out to us. All our products are made right here in Canada and our friendly team are here to help.

Sea Eagle Point

Making it your time

Taking a breath

Making time is one of our core values. It’s the spark behind the first Flare Fire in the 1990’s.

There is something about an outdoor fireplace that causes people to stop and make time.

In Canada and all over the world, Covid 19 stole our offshore holiday’s, many of us realising our homes really are the ideal place to relax and take a breath.

Get busy relaxing

We have built in many different ways to relax around your Flare outdoor fireplace. You can use it as a pizza oven, rotisserie, BBQ, smoker and more.

Or you can just sit in front of your outdoor fireplace and waste the best part of your day doing absolutely nothing.

It can seem like a ridiculous notion, but we think it’s ok to make it your time!


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