Delivery time & process


Flare Fires are a kiwi innovation, owned and operated by the founders in the sunny Bay of Plenty and exported to the world. We’ve been operating in Canada for some time, with our factory in Ontario, but now making our way into the USA to our warehouse in Jordan, Minnesota.

Our innovative modular design makes for a quick and cost effective creation of an outdoor fireplace wherever you live.

If you live in the USA, and would like a Flare outdoor fireplace at your place, we manufacture them in Canada then freight them to our warehouse in the USA. From there they are transported to you and then an installer can take it from there.

If you are interested in a quote, contact us here.

We’ve been in business for nearly twenty years, see our story here.


Currently the lead time is approximately 12 weeks. Give us a call or send us an email and we will give you a quote, including installation if needed. Once you are ready to go ahead, you then pay a $500 deposit to get your order into the production queue.

Our lead time is unusually long at the moment, if a shorter delivery time is needed, contact us and we will see what we can do.

Delivery and Installation in the USA

Flare Fires are shipped to the USA from our factory in Canada.

Flare Fires outdoor fireplaces can be installed yourself, or someone with DIY skills. You can also use a local builder or landscaper. The installer will also need a crane truck, tractor, forklift or some other heavy lifting equipment to lift the outdoor fireplace into place.

We’ve seen some of our outdoor fireplaces installed into some tricky spaces in the USA. Many of your suburban spaces are much tighter than we have here in the Bay of Plenty. If you think your spot might be a bit tricky, have a chat with your local crane truck operator, or send us some photos. We are always happy to chat on the phone about what you’re trying to achieve at your place.

Installed in just a few hours

Flare outdoor fireplaces (apart from the Martello Steel Tower) are constructed using a modular masonry system for ease of installation. Modules are cast at our premises in Canada, then palletised for shipping to the USA.

Installation Videos

Because our outdoor fireplaces are modular, they are relatively easy to install, and installation only takes a couple of hours. We do however recommend you watch our installation videos, so you know what to expect.

Installation Facts

  1. Installs only take a couple of hours
  2. You will need a concrete pad for it to sit on – see our foundation videos
  3. The installer will need good DIY skills
  4. Flare Fires do need heavy lifting equipment to get them into place
  5. Flare outdoor fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere, you just need the right lifting equipment.
  6. Flare outdoor fireplaces can be installed beside or through a roof. Talk to our team about your dream setup.
  7. Flare Fires are delivered with a natural concrete finish. You can then apply plaster, paint or stone to suit your preferred look. Most Flare Fires are left natural.