Welcome to this Fireside Chat, where we talk with business leaders about what was important during lockdown and what they’re doing different now that we’re back to the busy.


  1. Best insight – We can call out the best in people, through restructure, employment and the challenges of Covid.
  2. Business Leader: James Grafas  – Founder of James People
  3. Featured Fire: Boston Senator, natural with polished woodboxes

Enjoy this Fireside Chat!

Covid 19 was an unprecedented reset. We did things different and most of us planned to make all sorts of changes once we were back to the busy. This series is designed to remind of us of this, and to challenge what we’ve stepped back into.

Join Mike Edwards, GM of Flare Fires and James Grafas, Founder of James People as they enjoy this fireside chat in front of Mike’s Te Puke based outdoor fireplace.

The outdoor fireplace featured in this video is a Boston Senator. You can see pricing and other examples of that outdoor fireplace model here. Mike has his chimney going through his roof. This has been achieved by adding chimney extensions, which is easily done with Flare’s modular design.

Mike’s finish is a natural finish, out of the factory, but he has also skimmed the chimney joins to give it a monolithic look. The wood boxes have been polished to provide a good food preparation surface. It also provides a nice break in the design.

James Grafas is founder of James People, an HR company Mike has used for advice, recruitment and restructure support. “James is one of the best voices in my life, honestly, this guy is good!”  Mike Edwards.