• Need your fireplace higher than your roof?
  • Pushing past a gable?
  • Want to add a spark reducer or rain cap?

There can be a number of reasons why people want to add extra height to the chimney of their outdoor fireplace. Please note that Flare Outdoor Fireplaces don’t need the extra height to draw well — the design of our fires means they draw well, right out of the factory.

But, perhaps you are placing your outdoor fireplace beside or under a roof structure, and you need the extra height to clear the roofline. Because Flare Outdoor Fireplace’s are modular, extra concrete chimney’s can be added to gain the extra height needed. There are limits to how many extra sections can be added, so the simplest thing to do is to contact us with your questions.

We also have a range of stainless chimney extensions, that each include a rain cap — enabling you to lift the height of your chimney and keep the rain out of your fireplace at the same time. This includes a spark reducer option, which not only looks great, but also provides peace of mind if there is a lot of dry organic matter around your back yard.

What to do?
  • Click on the pictures above to see them bigger and get some inspiration.
  • Measure or estimate how much height you’d need to get past your gable or roof.
  • Contact us for advice!