If you order a Martello Outdoor Fireplace with a concrete rotating base, you can dig it into your lawn, making it level with the grass.

I’ve also seen people pull out some pavers and sink their Martello Outdoor Fireplace base into their patio. That may require a grinder to cut some of the pavers, but once done, it looks great.

We can even supply the rotating insert that you can cast into your own concrete.

Rotating the Martello Outdoor Fireplace is fun and engaging. But the real reason for this functionality is to manage the wind.

The Martello Outdoor Fireplace really pumps out the heat. The height and unique design, creates a vortex which draws the smoke away.

By sinking the rotating base to ground level you create a more permanent looking feature that adds beauty and value without costing a lot.

Pizza Hood Kit on a Martello Outdoor Fireplace
Pizza in the Martello
Martello Warmer Draw