Today is for those fire master fanatics. It’s for those people that want to learn to cook something new or new way to cook, a new way to sort of blow people’s minds and maybe even blow your own mind. It’s a double swing frame, and I’ve even got a rotisserie set up on one here. A lot of people know you can put your rotisserie down on your main cooking frame, but what you might not know is that you can place your rotisserie on one of your swing frames and just swing it in and out. I’m not going to use the rotisserie today, so I’m just going to take that off. But what I am doing today is cooking breakfast. Over here, I’ve got a grill plate and I’m going to cook my sausages and bacon on here. The grill just allows the taste of smoke and flame to come through there and flavour the meat. So that’s going to be amazing. And on the right-hand side here, I have a hot plate and that’s going to be perfect for cooking my potatoes and my eggs, right? Don’t want the extra fall through. So, this is super cool. Honestly, swing frames are the simplest way to cook on a Flare Fire. If you haven’t got one and you want to start cooking, or maybe you’ve just got the standard cook frame, but you want a simpler way to cook it doesn’t get simpler than a swing frame.

But if you want a little bit complicated, a little bit tricky and a little bit awesome, then get the double swing frame and swing in and out. The way we’ve set them up on your Flare Fire when you put on the brackets is they alternate, so you can actually have four of them on there if you want to go crazy. I find two just enough to cope with, and honestly, it is very cool. It is very fun. We highly recommend it to you, so give it a go.


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