Warm Up Your Fire

Warming up your Flare Outdoor Fireplace is a critical step for entertaining and cooking with ease.

First you have cleaned out the wet ash, next you have started your fire using the jinga style stack system, now it’s time to warm up your outdoor fireplace.

Once your jinga stack of wood is fully alight, add some more wood and allow 45 minutes to a couple of hours for the masonry to warm up. It’s a lot like warming up your oven in your kitchen. It’s pretty hard to cook something successfully if your oven isn’t warm.

The beauty of a Flare Fire is the massive thermal-mass of the masonry, which when warm, creates incredible radiant heat as well as a consistent cooking platform.

Even if you are not cooking, it’s a good idea to warm up your outdoor fireplace before friends come around. This gives you time to have a sneaky glass of wine beforehand and a few moments to yourself.

So there you have it, chuck on some wood and grab a glass, make it your time.