When it comes to creating a full sensory experience, nothing compares with the sound , aroma and ambience generated by a raging wood burning outdoor fireplace.

Flare Outdoor Fireplaces provide a next step up from the traditional outdoor BBQ, allowing you to light a big fire for everyone to enjoy as your guests arrive. As the night progresses, move the ember base to one side of the firebox for use as a heat bank. Slide the cooking frame into place and select your favourite grill or hot plate, heat it and start to cook. If further heat is required, simply drag more embers across. This allows an infinite variation of heat. This level of control makes cooking a breeze.

How about pizza? Simply place the pizza cooking hood and stone on the cooking frame. Wait a few minutes for the hood to come up to temperature and you’re ready to roll. Keep the fire blazing on the side to provide warmth and ambience then drag the charcoals over for added heat and flavour.

This full experience, is one of the reasons Flare Fires has become New Zealand’s No1 Outdoor Fireplace.

Flare Fires is growing its preferred installer relationships around the country. Landscaping and outdoor fireplaces are a natural fit, for many obvious reasons. However preferred installers can also be builders, handymen and stone masons.

If you fit any of the above or know someone who might be keen, give us a yell. Our only prerequisite for a preferred installer is that they put the customer first and enjoy delivering quality customer service.

To get in touch with us. Just contact us here.

If you are looking for more information on what’s involved in a Flare Fire installation, see the information and installation video here.