How does a Flare compare to a custom built outdoor fireplace?  In this article we will endeavour to provide an unbiased view on the advantages and disadvantages of a custom built fire.

There are several situations where custom building an outdoor fireplace can make a lot of sense:

You’re a very practical person

If you are particularly handy, or know someone who is very practical – building your own outdoor fireplace can help you get the look and feel you desire. If you can get this done, without paying anyone, then you may also get it done on a lower budget.

Your Architect has specified something in-built or unique

When building a new home your architect might specify a uniquely designed in-built fireplace. Whilst our fires can sometimes be incorporated into these in-built situations, the architectural design might find you needing a steel firebox and chimney rather than a Flare Outdoor Fireplace.

You’d like a custom shape stone fire

Some clients desire a stone built fire — a fire literally built out of rock or stone, uniquely designed for their space.  These may or may not include a steel firebox, depending on the stone mason.

– No installation required
– No truck access needed
– A unique creation – just for your place

These are the three main reasons why the above might make sense at your place. With our pre-cast fires, installation is needed, which means that access for a crane truck is also needed. Although tractors, diggers and other heavy lifting equipment can be used — if you don’t have access for some heavy lifting equipment, then a Flare Fire won’t work at your place. It is amazing what we can achieve, so it’s best to contact us before you lose heart.

– Cost
– Smoke and Draw
– Cooking options
– Warranty
– Time to build

Unless you are that handy DIY person, custom building is almost always significantly more expensive then installing a pre-cast outdoor fireplace. This is mainly because the labour used to custom build an outdoor fireplace is much more expensive then the lower cost factory labour used to pre-cast a fire.

Many custom built fires are built by stone masons, or brick layers — who don’t necessarily know how to build a fire that draws. Just ask someone with a custom built fire.

A Flare Fire also comes with endless cooking options, doors, chimney caps and other accessories to achieve whatever you can imagine.

The other thing to consider is the warranty – will the stone mason fix the fire if it doesn’t draw well? Flare Fires come with a lifetime warranty.

The last thing to consider is the time to build a custom fire. We can come and install your fire in just 2-3 hours, whereas a custom built solution will take weeks.

What to do?
  • Let us know what you are trying to achieve – our pre-cast fires can have stone and schist applied or be built in – depending on your drawings.