I’m stoked to be in isolation with this guy: @lukeedwardsphotography, who whipped up this great video of a reverse sear at our place.

Flare Fires are designed to entertain. You can just sit in front of them and use them as an attractive centerpiece, or you can blow peoples minds and tastebuds. This is called a reverse sear, and it’s so simple.

When you sear a steak you seal it, the magic of a reverse sear is filling the steak with smokey flavour first, then searing it off.

The great thing with a reverse sear, is it’s incredibly simple, anybody can do it!

For me personally, I’d spent a large portion of my adult life cooking steak to medium rare at about 2m aside. When I learn’t to reverse sear, I’ve never cooked steak that way again.

It’s a great time out type of cook. Mainly because it doesn’t take so long that the family complains, but it’s long enough to enjoy a great wine, beer or both.

As far as we’re aware, Flare Fires is the only commercial outdoor fireplace to include a smoker in the chimney. We’ve had this feature for a dozen years now and probably should have patented it way back then.

Anyhow, we’d love to show you more. Like the rest of us, you’re probably enjoying the time at home and re realising what’s important.

If an outdoor fireplace would help you achieve that, then please let us know.