We had an amazing time at last year’s show and so we’ve decided to have even more fun this year, by offering OUR BEST AUCKLAND HOME SHOW SPECIAL YET!

We’re giving away The Cooking Starter Pack with each outdoor fireplace. This includes a cooking frame, cast iron grill or plate and an ember poker, with a combined value of $500. For those of you who don’t want to cook on your outdoor fireplace you can instead choose a free wood box polish worth $495.

Get ahead of the summer rush and order your fire at the show!

Nows the best time to start thinking about your outdoor fire purchase. Our leadtime is typically 6-8 weeks but this can blow out the closer we get to Christmas. If you’re thinking this summer is the year to create your perfect outdoor area, then now’s the time to buy.

There’s no better place to contemplate politics, finances and the current times then in front of a Flare Fire.

We hear this time and again, “I get to look busy, but actually relax on a Sunday while I light my fire and slowly cook a meal for the family” or “The kids get off their devices and actually join us, the Flare Fire creates family time”. We really appreciate hearing this – and just to help out, anyone who pay’s a deposit at the show will receive two free bottles of wine, just to help you dream about your outdoor entertaining area while we make the perfect fire to complete it.

THE SHOW STARTS WED 5 SEPT – at 10am, and goes through to Sunday the 9th.


  1. Come and see us at the show
  2. Get a quote
  3. Pay a $500 deposit by Sept 30 and take your fire by Dec 21 2018. (Pay the deposit at the show to receive two free bottles of wine)