We were quite surprised when we received this enquiry from Hong Kong. In-fact we are always a little suspicious when we get ‘export’ enquiries from markets we usually don’t deal with. You never know when someone just wants to access your intellectual property.

Over the years we have sent our outdoor fireplaces to a bunch of different countries. Which is often quite entertaining as an exporter, because you put so much effort into drumming up demand in your chosen markets, enquiries from outside those often seem to come in with very little effort at all.

And so it was with this customer in Hong Kong. They were very easy to deal with and very keen on having our product in their backyard. Once we got past our suspicions, things progressed very easily indeed. I have to give them credit, despite the distance, they have followed our install instructions well and have even customised their solution with benches and wood storage.

We look forward to seeing the end product.