Do you hate cooking on a rusty cast iron hot plate?

Most BBQ guys simply leave the fat on their hot plate after a cook up and close the lid. This keeps the hot plate oiled and protected from rust. It’s a messy solution, but it works. 

With a Flare Outdoor Fire, there’s no lid, and even if you have a chimney cap, some water will still get in the fire and rust the cast iron hot plate if it’s left in the fire.

I prefer not cooking on a rusty pan, I’m also cooking a wide range of foods, and prefer having a fresh pan to cook on.

The good news is, cleaning a cast iron pan is really simple.

All you need is a garden hose, dishwashing liquid and a steel pot scrubber.

Hose the hot plate, squirt on some dishwashing liquid and scrub. Repeat if needed, leave to dry and you’re good to go.

If you do this after you cook and you want to store the pan without it re-rusting, simply rub in some cooking oil. This preserves the pan and creates a non stick surface over time.