We all want a great outdoor space. We want to bring people together, to pull out amazing food and entertain a crowd with ease.

We all want to create amazing moments at home, but we have to fight against screens, sometimes it almost seems impossible to draw people together in a meaningful way.

We also struggle making time. We want to make time with family and friends. Time to unwind, party times, relaxing times. Time away from the virtual world, living in the now, with all hearts present.

We can spend our lives working to build something great but not make the time to enjoy it.

At Flare Fire’s we believe we shouldn’t have to leave home to engage in great moments with our family. In fact, we believe home should be a place where life slows down and people connect and be present.

That’s why Flare Fires was founded way back before the internet ruled our world. It seems a Flare Fire is a more useful tool now then ever before, especially for those who really do want their house to be the refuge and castle for their family.

When we created the Flare Fire there were a number of mandatories it had to meet. Firstly it had to look great. It had to be capable of becoming the centre piece. Anything else would mean we’d missed the brief.

We also wanted something that you could cook anything on, or just sit in front of and keep warm. It had to have all or none of the options, depending on how you’re planning on connecting with people that night.

It also had to be able to fit any space, from the massive backyard to the small courtyard. And, it had to be made of concrete with plenty of heat generating thermal mass and no life-shortening steel firebox.

It had to last a life-time, so that your family could enjoy it for theirs.

If you’re like us and want to create a place to be, we’d love to talk to you more about how a Flare Outdoor Fireplace can work for you. We have plenty of sizes and options to suit most budgets and spaces. Have a look around our site, or simply request a quote.