Wood fired pizza on an outdoor fireplace is fun to cook. Most people burn or undercook a few in their time. I certainly have.

With the Martello Outdoor Fireplace, the trick is to create a big fire that results in plenty of embers when it burns down. 

Once the embers are below the height of the cooking frame, you can insert your hot plate, pizza stone and hood.

The trick is to let them warm up for 10 minutes, aim for around 200°C or more, but you can get the job done closer to 150°C it just takes longer.

I have a friend who places his pizza hood up the chimney, resting on his smoker rods. It allows him to run a much bigger fire.

That’s something I’m looking forward to trying. If you beat me to it, let me know how it goes.

Cooking pizza on a Martello Outdoor Fireplace
Pizza in the Martello