Cooking lamb ribs like this is fairly simple and people love eating them by hand as an entree or part of the main meal. You don’t have to use Culley’s brand sauce and rub, use what you have in your pantry, and the duck fat spray can be replaced with another oil.

Have fun trying out this cook, and enjoy.
Recipe and cook by this cool guy: The Tattooed Butcher


-2kg lamb ribs
-Mint jelly
-Culleys original bbq sauce
-Culleys lamb rub
-Duck fat spray
-Tin foil
-2 x bbq foil trays


Spray lamb ribs in duck fat spray then rub Culleys lamb rub generously over the lamb ribs

Grill the lamb ribs on the swing frame for 30-45 mins on a “medium temp” over the fire until a nice crust has appeared and the meat has slightly started to shift down the bone leaving it exposed.

A medium temp can be achieved by swinging the frame off the upper bracket and managing the ember base accordingly. A lot of cooking over fire is trying and learning, it’s about managing your firewood and ember base and making mistakes. In this case, you want the lamb ribs to be cooking slowly without sizzling on the grill.

Put ribs in a bbq tray and add 1 bottle of Culleys sauce with 2 tbsp’s of mint jelly then wrap in tin foil and cook for a further 2 hours, back on the swing frame. Keep the temperature about the same as before but keep the lamb trays away from any indirect heat. The goal here is to slow boil the ribs in the bbq sauce rather than grill them and burn the sauce with extreme heat.

Rest for 30 mins then remove the foil from the top of the tray and serve. Enjoy!