Flare Outdoor Fires Available in Canada

If you’re from Canada and this is the first time on our site, be sure to check out this page, it has pretty much all you’d want to know about our outdoor fireplaces, all in one spot.

I recorded the above video a couple of months back in preparation for a show we live-streamed from NZ to Canada. It was snowing!

We don’t really get snow here in New Zealand unless you live on a mountain but we still love our outdoor fireplaces. In fact, I think that outside of New Zealand no other nation loves its outdoor fires more than Canada. Let me know if you disagree!

Anyhoo, in this video, you’ll meet Matt & Katy Elliot, good friends of ours. We trust them completely, which is important as they hold the licence to operate Flare Fires in Canada. Katy and my wife Julie communicated for 7 years before they met in person. Crazy long story for another day.

We’d been looking for hard-working, trustworthy people for quite a while. You’d think there’d be a lot of people out there like that, turns out there are not so many that also have the capability to start up an outdoor fireplace business from scratch.

Matt & Katy also run another business Mr Snow, a snow ploughing business in North Bay, Ontario. The outdoor fireplace business is a perfect complement to Mr Snow as it is more summer focused and installations occur once the snow has thawed.

Enjoy the video, have a look around our site and if you have any questions be sure to reach out!

Mike Edwards – CEO Flare Fires

Hey, this is me enjoying a cold beer on a cold winters day. It’s probably only 12-degrees centigrade. But hey, that’s cold for us kiwis. An outdoor fireplace really is the perfect place to wind down, make sure you talk to the team in Canada to see what it would take to get a great looking New Zealand outdoor fireplace sitting in your backyard!