We’re stoked with the growth of Flare Outdoor Fires in Canada. The Flare team based in Ontario are doing a great job delivering excellent service across the country.

It’s been over a year now since the launch was halted with the Covid lockdown, with us stuck over there with a container load of outdoor fireplaces, and no way to show them to potential customers.

Thankfully the news has spread and we are into container number three.

If you’re in Canada, now’s the perfect time to order an outdoor fireplace. The ground is thawing and it’s install season. Contact the team here. Lead times are pushing out so get in now and please be patient with the team.


In New Zealand we started calling Covid Lockdown a staycation. A vacation at home. We enjoyed having more control over our routines and making time for the things that matter most.

A lot of us realised we needed to make some changes at home to create a space to relax and enjoy. This post, creating a centrepiece, is beneficial for inspiration, ideas and examples on how others have done just that with an outdoor fireplace.

Below is an interview I did with the Canada team a few months back. Have a watch and find out more about our team there and how we can get an outdoor fireplace to you.