Porchetta, otherwise known as pork belly, makes an incredibly tasty and simple rotisserie cook. No fancy rubs are needed, just time, heat and smoke.

If you are learning to cook on your Flare outdoor fireplace, a rotisserie is a great place to start. Rotisserie cooks are very forgiving. They also allow time to relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine, or a game of Kubb with the kids.

Have fun trying out this cook, and enjoy.
Recipe and cook by this cool guy: The Tattooed Butcher


-1 x whole pork belly (boneless)
-Fresh rosemary/thyme/basil
-Olive oil
-6 x garlic cloves crushed
-Butchers string


Score the pork belly evenly with out going to deep through the skin.

Spread salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs evenly through the inside of the pork belly then roll with butchers string.

Rub skin in olive & salt and let the pork belly rest at room temperature for 1 hour before cooking.

Put porchetta on the rotteserie and cook for roughly 3 hours at a low to medium temp.

Once cooked remove from fire and rest for 5mins then slice & serve.

We’ve kept these instructions really simple, not using any temps and so on, so as to not overcomplicate things. But for those that want a bit more info, the key thing to remember is that pork belly is cooked at around the 70 degrees C. However, with pork belly, you want to keep it at that internal temp for a couple of hours so as to break down the fats and collagen in the meat.

So, whilst you may find the meat comes up to the right internal temperature relatively quickly, you want to make sure you cook it at that temp for a couple of hours to get a good result.

When cooked the skin will be crispy and the meat nice and juicy. Enjoy!