This is a sneak preview of our new door system for the Flare Fire. This image is just a prototype, not the actual quality of finish. But we know many of our customers will love to hear that we’re nearly done with the design stage.

It’s a totally retrofittable solution that will fit any Flare Fire, with some great features:

  1. Lockable
  2. Stokeable
  3. Oven option plus spark reduction option
  4. New hinge innovation to allow door to be set in place to block wind, or swing right out of the way
  5. Compatible with all Flare cooking accessories
  6. Designed to work with a new log roll-out accessory also on its way

Making the doors compatible with all the cooking accessories has been quite a challenge, but we got there. Most Flare Fires in the market will need some extra holes drilled to fit the hinges, however we have kept the needed mods to your fire as little as possible. More information on this will follow.

We are planning to have the new door system available February 2019, keep a look out!