Well, thanks for those of you that came and saw us at our Demonstration Day a couple of weeks ago in Auckland.

We had a bunch of customers turn up and also a bunch of soon to be Flare owners that have got fires coming to them over the coming weeks. It was good just to answer the questions that you had.

Some of you planned to be there but due to the heavy level of traffic on the motorways just couldn’t turn up or couldn’t get there in time. So, if you’ve still got some questions, please just reach out.

There’s still time between now and Christmas, to actually get a fireplace at your place before Christmas. We have a limited range of spots available, so reach out.

In saying that we have actually sold out in the South Island just based on container shipments and stuff. So, we can’t actually get more fires to the South Island before this side of Christmas.

If you’re in the South Island and you want a flare fire, it’s actually a good time to reach out if you want one of them for summer, get in for an early year shipment.

Reach out if you’ve got any questions.