We are updating our Flare Promotional Video and we’re looking for new places to feature. If you’re proud of your outdoor setup, we could use it in our next promotional video.

What Accessories Would You Choose?

So many of you have great looking outdoor spaces and we want to capture those to inspire others to make it their time. And to be quite honest, our current video is a bit outdated. If we include your place, as a thanks, we can touch up your outdoor fireplace, if needed, and supply cooking or outdoor fireplace accessories to an agreed value. We will customise this to suit each person.

What’s Involved?

  1. You send us a pic taken on your phone, nothing flash needed.
  2. We select 6-10 locations in total based on the types of fires and setups we need in our video
  3. We start a discussion with those we select. Including accessories and possible timing
  4. Once agreed, we send our videographer to your place, ideally within the next few months
  5. In some cases we will take video with a few food props, others will involve people as well

Simply email us an image of your space, including your Flare Fire


  1. All photos submitted can be used by Flare Fires in social media
  2. We will select 6-10 locations that suit our video plans
  3. We will agree a value of accessories with each selected person
  4. Only entrants we select for the video will qualify for the accessories offer
  5. Photo’s must be in by July 19.
  6. All entrants will be notified of our decision by July 31

Entries Close July 19th

Get in before the close off on July 19. EMAIL US TODAY office@flarefires.co.nz

Thanks, the Flare Fires team.