Lifetime Limited Warranty

Masonry Fires Warranty

Last Updated: May 2022

This Warranty:

  1. Takes effect from the date of install, as recorded on the Register Your Fire page of our website, or as recorded on Flare’s sale, purchase and delivery documents.
  2. Replaces all earlier printed versions of the warranty.
  3. Is given to the original owners of the fire, and is not transferred when ownership of the fire is transferred for any reason.
  4. Only applies if the curing instructions were followed by the first persons to light this fire.
  5. Does not apply to the Martello Outdoor Fire, see the warranty for the Martello here.

Structural Integrity
Flare Fires does not lay the foundations for its fires — this is the sole responsibility of the client. The foundations are to be set in place, as required, and detailed in Flare’s manufacturing specifications.

Deluxe Manufacturing Specifications
Premier Manufacturing Specifications
Executive Manufacturing Specifications
Senator Manufacturing Specifications

It is important that the fire is installed as per the installation instructions in the manufacturing specifications— using all the specified glues and fixings.

If Flare installs your fire, it does so without taking responsibility for the quality of the supplied foundations. Flare Fires provides a 3 year warranty on the quality of the installation. This warranty applies to the fire itself – if the supplied foundations contribute or cause the fire to lean or tip over, this is not the responsibility of Flare Fires.

If you, your builder, landscaper or some other person or tradesman installs the fire, there is no warranty on the install.

When using your own installer it is important they install the fire as per Flare’s Manufacturing Specs and PS1.

As Flare Fires are a natural concrete product, cracks and small chipping around those cracks are almost unavoidable. As such they are not covered by our warranty. Please follow the finish and cure guide to minimise cracking and note that you can choose to get your fire plastered after such cracks have occurred.

Due to cracking, some lime and rust stain may appear over time. This is normal and to be expected.

Fire Bricks
Flare Fires will replace fire bricks, no questions asked, during the lifetime of the fire.

We guarantee that your Flare Fire will leave our factory without any chips. Any chipping that occurs during transit will be the responsibility of the transport company. If chipping happens during install, this will be the liability of the installer. If chipping occurs after install, this will be the responsibility of the owner. Flare Fires will not accept any liability for any chipping however we will help with the process to ensure the product is repaired or replaced and charged to those responsible.

All Flare Fires are supplied as a raw concrete fire which we call ‘Natural Precast’. We do apply a plaster skim coat, as necessary, to cover some larger naturally occurring air holes. However many natural concrete imperfections will remain and Flare does not accept any liability for these, including but not limited to; air bubble holes, imperfect edges, some colour variation, and surfaces that may not be completely flat.

Plaster Finish
Your Flare Fire can be plastered after install. We accept no liability for any plaster finish applied to your fire.

Schist or brick cladding
Schist or brick cladding adds significantly to the weight of your Flare Fire and will put your fire outside of its PS1 engineering design. Because of this, Flare Fires does not warranty the structural integrity of a Flare Fire with a schist or brick finish. We can however put you in touch with our engineers to get a specific PS1 design for your finish.

All Flare Fire Stainless Steel Accessories come with a 5 year full replacement warranty for failure to perform. Other accessories come with a 12 month warranty.

For any questions, we are just a phone call away, contact us here.