With each of our outdoor fireplaces, except the Martello, you’ll need some heavy lifting equipment to get the outdoor fire into place. Our outdoor fireplaces are modular and come in pieces — the lightest piece being 700kg, the heaviest close to 1.3 tonne.

This is most commonly undertaken with a crane truck or as they are known in New Zealand — a Hiab. Customers sometimes use diggers, tractors, crawler cranes or larger cranes, as is needed to get access.

Crane trucks (Hiab’s) can drive up most household driveways, and depending on the size of the Hiab, they can install our fires up to 30 metres away from the centre of the truck.

Some of our rural customers have tractors or diggers – which can be used, but it’s certainly easier to install from a crane truck. The main advantage of a crane truck is their ability to pick the fire up from the freight depot and deliver directly to your door – and install. Something you will need to ask yourself is – who is going to install the outdoor fireplace? They can be done DIY (do it yourself), or you can use a landscaper, builder or one of our installers.

What to do?