Check your predominant wind

Whilst you may have an ideal spot in mind for your outdoor fireplace, it’s good to factor in your predominant wind and how it might interact with your outdoor fire. For example, if your predominant wind would pass across the face of the outdoor fireplace, it may draw some smoke out of the fire opening. This is not the end of the world! — it can just result in some blackening around the front of the fire – and a smokey fire on a windy day.

It’s worth noting that this would occur with any outdoor fireplace make or model.

What to do?
  • Have a look at your desired outdoor fireplace location and examine where your predominant wind will come from – any wind from the front and back will be fine, from any angle — but if your predominant wind will pass directly across the face of your fire, then:
  • Consider different locations around your house – balancing wind direction with your desired view.
  • Worst case scenario, factor in some plantings or fencing to minimise wind. Click on the photos below for more inspiration.