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Beautiful New Zealand function, design and innovation. Birthed over 15 years ago, Flare Fires are now in Canada, USA, Australia — sold direct to you.

Outdoor Fireplaces turn gardens into places to gather and create spaces where people want to be

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Flare Outdoor Fireplaces are modular, making them quick & easy to install.

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Need More Inspiration?

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Al Brown’s Outdoor Kitchen

Make it Your Time

Making time is one of our core values. It’s the spark behind the first Flare Fire, born in New Zealand in the 1990’s.

There is something about an outdoor fireplace that causes people to stop and make time.

Covid 19 stole our offshore holiday’s, many of us realising our homes really are the ideal place to relax.

We’ve built in many different ways to relax around your Flare outdoor fireplace. You can use it as a pizza oven, rotisserie, BBQ, smoker and more.

Or you can just sit in front of the outdoor fireplace and waste the best part of your day doing absolutely nothing.

It can seem like a ridiculous notion, but we think it’s ok to stop, take a breath, and make it your time!