If you’re a Flare Fire lover you may already be enjoying wood fired pizza’s using the Flare Pizza Hood. What not all of our customers know is the secret to cooking the base and top to perfection at high temperature.

If you’re cooking pizza’s at around the 200 – 250°c mark, burnt bases may not be a problem for you, but if you enjoy the extra yumminess of cooking them at 300°c +, you may have challenges getting the pizza toppings cooked before the base is overly done.

There’s actually a couple of tips and tricks to getting the perfect pizza. Some customers use two pizza stones, this is an easy fix and seems to work really well. Other customers use a pizza crisper. You can see a crisper in use below. The crisper provides a space between the pizza and the pizza stone, allowing higher temperature cooking without over cooking the base.

Pizza Crispers and stones can be bought seperately or as part of our Pizza kit. Check out the video and feel free to contact us with any questions. There are a number of wood fired pizza cooking accessories including the pizza hood, pizza peel, pizza stones and crispers. These can all be seen here.

If you don’t currently own a Flare Fire, here’s 5 reasons why we believe they make the ultimate pizza oven:

  1. Cooking pizza whilst enjoying the warmth of the fire really is the ultimate experience
  2. The Flare Fire provides an exceptional “thermal mass” providing consistent cooking heat
  3. When you cook pizza on an open fire everyone joins in – even the kids get off their devices
  4. You can cook pizza fairly easily at 350°c + (depending on your wood) – makes the crusts extra special and caramelises the toppings – yum
  5. Having a Flare Fires gives you a bunch of other cooking options as well, such as smoking, rotisserie and the list goes on

Want to find out more? Contact us, we’re always keen for a chat.