The Elite Series

Flare’s Elite Series of outdoor fireplaces are big and beautiful.

Can we have a bigger fire?

We have been asked for a bigger fireplace in the past, but during the government lock downs for covid, we started getting more frequent requests to develop something for bigger spaces.

We have to admit a little reluctance to develop another fire, as we didn’t want to confuse things with our existing range and our outdoor fireplaces are already bigger then most in the industry.

But not wanting to disappoint, we started developing in 2022. Launched in 2023, you can see me (Mike Edwards, CEO) standing and laying in front of our first prototype.

Yes, the hearth is big enough to fall asleep on, but you definitely would not want to be laying there with the fire running.

I hope these basic pictures, snapped on my phone, give you a good sense of the size.

Elite v’s Signature Series

To get a sense of the scale of our outdoor fireplaces we have provided a comparison of the dimensions, relative to our original range (Signature Series).

The shadow in this picture is of a firebox from our Signature Series. It has been overlayed, so you can conceptualise the size difference. The Elite is bigger (44% bigger), but not so big that it looses it’s beauty.

Dimension Comparison

Elite Executive
Signature Executive



Firebox Opening

Pizza’s Anyone?

We believe that a critical part of any outdoor fireplace development, is the cooking of food.

Our first opportunity was pizza — for a crowd of 250.

It took 120 pizza’s and and 2 1/2 hours of cooking, but the new fireplace proved it was up the challenge. It really is an entertainers dream, so much heat, endless cooking options, all on a massive scale.

That being said, many of our customers do not buy fires for cooking. They just want something that looks goods and pumps out the heat.

There is no doubt that the Elite checks these considerations off the list. The heat output is massive and though it’s big, it has not lost its beauty.

There are plenty of options and accessories available as well. Please reach out to our team, they’d love to chat.


The Elite Outdoor Fireplace is available in two models, the lower down Executive model, (with two woodboxes, either side of the firebox), or the higher up Senator model, with the firebox sitting astride three woodboxes.

Elite Senator $18,000 (INC GST)
Elite Executive $19,000 (INC GST)

These prices exclude freight and installation, cooking accesories and installation.

They can be installed by a capable builder, stone mason or landscaper, or by using our Flare installer.

We sell direct to save you money and we invite you to contact us below to discuss the best options for your budget.