There’s nothing like the flavour of pizza from a wood fired pizza oven. The taste is unique, and cooking at high temperature just makes the base and toppings so much better.

Many of us dream of entertaining our guests and family with amazing wood fired pizza however the challenge with a traditional wood fired pizza oven is that they are designed to keep the heat in and not warm the surrounding area. This can mean your friends and family are sitting inside, out of the cold, whilst you’re left cooking the pizza. Now that’s not too bad if you are looking for a bit of alone time, but if you want to entertain, then choosing an outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven incorporated, may be the right decision for you.

With a Flare Fire you can cook your pizza like a traditional wood fired pizza oven whilst also delivering warmth and ambience to your entertaining area. The pizza hood has been developed and honed to enable quality high temperature cooking. The process is simple, start your fire, wait 45minutes or so for enough embers to form, then scrape the embers under your pizza hood. You can place the pizza hood into the fire before or after you start your fire and the handle has been developed to remain cool even when used at high temp.

There are a number of wood fired pizza cooking accessories including the pizza hood, pizza peel, pizza stones and crispers. These can all be seen here. 

The great thing is that in addition to cooking pizza inside your pizza hood, you can also cook roasts or other meals that you’d like to imbue with the wood fired flavour.

So, when you are ready to go, give us a call, we’d be happy to show you how it all works and talk you through the options.