The size of your outdoor area will be a big consideration in choosing the right outdoor fireplace for you. Here we will give you much of the information you’ll need as you consider the right outdoor fire for your situation.

Whilst personal preference plays a massive part, from our experience, outdoor spaces with a width less than 6 metres will most likely suit the Deluxe and Premier models. Larger outdoor areas, that are more open, or have a width of 6 metres or more, still suit the Deluxe and Premier but also provide the space to consider the Executive or Senator models.

The Martello is another great option — if you’re looking to create a destination somewhere in your backyard. It takes up very little space, is portable if needed, and really draws a crowd.

Here’s all the dimensions you’ll need as you consider the options (in mm):

                       Width          Depth         Height          Weight

Deluxe            1360            720             2880              2.7 t

Premier           2720            720             2880              3.7 t

Executive        4080            720             2460              4.5 t

Senator           4080            720             2880              4.7 t

Martello             770            520             2860             150kg

What to do?
  • Measure the space you have available.
  • Mark out the space your preferred outdoor fireplace models would occupy.
  • Sleep on it, ask us any questions along the way and click on the pictures above to check out different models in different spaces.
  • If you are thinking about an outdoor roof, or you have a gable you need to get past — you may need additional chimney height.
  • Contact us for advice.