Imagine entertaining your guests and family with amazing wood fired pizza or the perfect cut of meat cooked with fire.

The Flare Fire is designed to warm your guests while you entertain. You can cook your steak and sausages easy enough, add the Pizza Hood and you are away laughing. There’s also the Rotisserie and the smoker, when you cook on a Flare Fire the wood fired flavours sneak in and enhance the culinary experience.

“An open fireplace creates the perfect outdoor ambience for entertaining. My Flare fireplace is designed to achieve cooking temperatures quicker. With generous proportions and a wide open mouth you can control the heat with the fire on one side, moving the embers across under the grill when you’re ready to go.” Al Brown.

We are very busy making Flare outdoor fireplaces for people right across the country. If you would like to get one in before Christmas, now’s a good time to start having a chat about your Flare Fire. Have a look at our fires here. Ask for a no obligation quote here.

Side note for those looking at buying a Pizza Oven: Pizza ovens are designed to keep the heat in and not warm the surrounding area. This can mean your friends and family are sitting inside, out of the cold, whilst you’re left cooking the pizza. Now that’s not too bad if you are looking for a bit of alone time, but if you want to entertain, then choosing an outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven incorporated, may be the right decision for you.

It’s a common question around the neighbourhood – “when are we going to crank up that outdoor fireplace and cook up another storm?” I think what makes socialising so inviting with an outdoor fireplace is that the fire becomes the event.

Flare Outdoor Fireplaces provide a next step up from the traditional outdoor BBQ or Braai, allowing you to light a big fire for everyone to enjoy as your guests arrive. As the night progresses, move the ember base to one side of the firebox for use as a heat bank. Slide the cooking frame into place and select your favourite grill or hot plate, heat it and start to cook. If further heat is required, simply drag more embers across. This allows an infinite variation of heat. This level of control makes cooking a breeze.