We all remember getting smokey hair and clothing from an outdoor fireplace. That’s fine when it’s a campfire or a brazier – but not from a professionally designed outdoor fireplace.

There’s actually some maths involved and a design ratio, that when followed, allows for the perfect outdoor fireplace design that doesn’t smoke — which of course we follow, so the good news is, our fires don’t smoke!

There are occasions when any outdoor fireplace will smoke — in this post I explain how wind direction can be a factor, and another potential scenario is when wind dumps down your chimney. Let’s look at that briefly:

Because outdoor fireplaces often stand in close proximity to your house, wind can sometimes bounce off or follow your roofline down into the chimney of your outdoor fireplace. This may cause smoke to puff out the front. This is not common – but can happen to any outdoor fireplace.

Because it’s uncommon, it certainly nothing to worry about, and can be solved by adding a chimney cap, spark reducer, or one of our other stainless chimney extensions.