Party time, family time, relax time. Whatever the occasion a Flare Fire is about slowing life down and making it your time!

We all want more time. We want to connect more effectively and have more valuable moments at home. The problem is having the reason and something that draws people away from screens. Without this we end out sitting round the table to eat dinner for just 10 minutes, or even worse, around the TV!

It was this very issue that birthed the creation of the Flare Fire outdoor fireplace some 15 years ago. Yes it looks great, yes you can cook whatever you want on it, but what’s it’s really all about is helping each of us slow life down and making it our time!

Here’s a bunch of additional cooking video’s:

Cook Lamb Like a Superstar!

The Most Simple Mid-Winter Christmas Turkey Ever!

Smoking Brisket on your Outdoor Fireplace

Oh my…Pizza shouldn’t be this good!

Make it Your Time!

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